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Cooksense Technology

With Cooksense technology, there’s no need to keep an eye on your Turkish coffee while it brews. An infrared sensor detects when just the right amount of froth has been created and then shuts off the machine, so your coffee will never boil over.

Style Meets Traditional Turkish Coffee

BKK 2400 is designed to brew Turkish coffee at a precise temperature to produce a rich froth and deep, authentic flavor. It uses Cooksense™ technology to detect the perfect amount of froth and stop the brewing process at just the right time.

With a compact, stylish design, it’s ideal for small kitchens and Turkish coffee lovers with modern tastes.


Frothy authentic taste

Cooksense™ overflow system

3-cup capacity

Illuminated brewing slot

1.1 L Detachable water tank

Easy cleaning

One touch smart brewing

Sound indicator

Meet Turkish Coffee

One of the oldest and most authentic brewing methods in the world.

With a tradition that’s over 500 years old, the brewing method used in Turkish coffee produces a luxurious froth and deep, robust taste.

Turkish coffee has been a staple of our culture since Ottoman Turks discovered Arabic coffee beans in the 14th century and the brewing method has remained unchanged for hundreds of years. The best coffee beans from the Arabic Peninsula, mostly Yemen, are ground down to a fine powder in a mortar or grinder. The ground beans are brought together with water, and sugar if desired, in copper pots called “Cezve”. The coffee is then brought to a slow boil over low heat until a foam is formed on the surface. This frothy Turkish coffee is served in small cups called "fincan" with a glass of water and piece of Turkish delight on the side.

A creamy froth and robust taste are the hallmarks of good Turkish coffee. Preparation requires careful roasting and precise temperatures, which is why the Sultan had 40 permanently employed coffee masters at his palace.

Thanks to Beko, now you can enjoy this unique, authentic taste in your home at the touch of a button.